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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunburn Remedies and Tips to Keeping your Skin Healthy

Summer is officially here and we certainly need some extra care for our skin before facing directly to the Sun. Sunblock or any Sun screen lotion for skin protection is highly recommended. However, if you forgot to put lotion on before jumping out the Sun then make sure to apply the Soothing Aloe after Sun Gel to revive your skin from getting damaged. As it is also important to carry water for drinking all the time and have as much as water as you can to stay hydrated. Water is the best mineral that plays the most important role on keeping our skin healthy as it can be.

Nevertheless, to keep in mind that too much exposure to this dry heat can give you the risk of having skin cancer besides the minor Sun burnt. Now would you spend money for later to get your skin fixed? I don’t think so too, besides it is costly! So please do these tips for yourself and especially for the little ones. And I hope you will enjoy the summer safe and healthy.


hapi said...

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Anonymous said...

Also, be careful what product you use for sun protection. For me, the more higher the SPF sunscreen is the better protection. Especially, if you stay out longer under the sun. :) good tips though.

sai krupa said...

The tips which you had given on the sunburn treatment is good, Thanks for sharing the nice content.