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Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to Prevent and Stop Pimples?

Pimples are just embarrassing pimples especially if they are huge and visible. It definitely makes us very self-conscious and reduces our confidence level. Pimples are very common but not just for teenagers; in fact I have seen people on their forty and they still suffer from it. And one good example is I myself but I am not that quite old. I’m 27 years old and once in a while I experience pimples, only if I stop working out or exercising. I have created a self-experiment and skip a week of not doing my daily sit up routine. And (of course I wash my face twice a day) heck yeah, I got a humongous ingrown pimple on my right chicks. I was not a very happy camper besides it hurt and left a dark spot on my face. I therefore conclude that when your body is not getting (dripping) the sweat out or flushing out the toxins in your body then it can give you pimples. So now I am very cautious as I keep doing a simple exercise that will help me avoid those horrible pimples!

Here are additional anti-pimples tips I found on Enzine Articles by Logan Yanany. If you are looking for tips on how to prevent pimples, you may find following tips quite helpful:

• Honey has lots of curing as well as cleansing properties. Open pores in face by applying warm water or mild steam and then apply honey. Wait for few minutes before washing it first using warm water. Cold water can then be splashed on face to close open pores.
• Wash your face at least twice a day (first time in morning and second before moving to bed). Wash more often in summers to prevent oils from getting accumulated and keep face clean. Remember to splash warm water before applying soap as that opens the pores in skin allowing deep penetration of skin by soap. People with oily skin must use water-based soap. Don't use body soaps on face as that may clog pores causing acne pimples. Soap must be rinsed off using cold water so that pores are closed.
• Tone - People generally do not give toning any importance and it is often left out. Do tone your skin after cleansing as it clears face of any leftover cleanser. If residue is left on face, that clogs the pores resulting in acne. Toner can be easily applied by soaking a cotton ball in it and running over face.
• Put little moisturizer on hands and apply on face till it gets absorbed. People with oily skin must use an oil-free and light moisturizer. People with dry skin must use extra moisturizing creams.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4232705

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Dean James said...

Awesome post,these are some great tips for prevent pimples.
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