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Friday, June 10, 2011

One of the Worst Drinks to Avoid this Summer

The summer heat is on. So ladies the show has just begun! Get your swimsuits and cameras for another summer adventure. So are you ready to take those cover-ups to come off and get the best picture for this summer? Oh yeah, let’s bring it on… And remember that summer will lasts for three months so we have to make sure not to add inches in our waistline. Yes, it is possible if you think before you drink. And a little self- discipline is required. Drinking more water is the best recommendation to keep you hydrated and healthy.

Some studies said that we have to avoid sugary drinks because they are directly linked to get flabby belly. But what about diet sodas, no sugar added- are they healthy? We will find out together right here. I found this relevant write up on Yahoo Health the Eat This Not That by David Zinczenko posted on June 03, 2011:

Diet Coke (12 fl. oz. bottle) and other diet sodas
0 calories
0 g fat
0 g sugar

No calories, no fat, and no sugar—so what's the harm? For starters, the carbon dioxide that supplies soda's fizz will continue to burble and expand in your stomach, priming you for serious bloat. That's the short-term effect. The long-term could be even worse: The artificial sweeteners in diet soda might actually inhibit weight loss. Studies have shown that rats consuming artificial sweeteners consume more calories at subsequent meals. It's as if the promise of calories, without the payoff, causes the body to crave food. Below is a better beach-day beverage: Hint Water. By drinking water, you keep your body flushed out and your skin looking healthy, and since Hint uses natural flavors, you earn all the boons of hydration without suffering the downsides of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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Dean James said...

I think the natural drinks like fresh juice is best for health.
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