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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Perfect Picture

Mickael is already 7 months old last April 20. He showed a lot of different characteristics everyday. Earlier today we went to the store with Mickael and I dressed him up with his Pooh outfit. He looks good on it! But for sure that cloth is just a bonus. I took a perfect picture from him and I think this is so cute! And I’m planning to upload this picture for a contest of most beautiful baby photo on TV. Here’s his best picture ever!

What can you tell? Isn’t he adorable?


Mylen said...

yohoooooo...pwera buyag kgwapo bah...liwat sa ante ug uncle...hehehe...peace!

jana said...

buyag bata oi kumutun tkaw run ahihihihi
ka wafu ba ana niya nang woi

Miah Laborte said...

yeah there's no doubt he's so adorable... :)