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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mood Swing, Not FUN!

I had a “mood swing” since last Monday. It was triggered by a phone call from my husbands’ ex-wife. That day, Monday morning before my hubby go to his work I asked and checked if he had his cell phone with him and then gave him goodbye kissed. Suddenly his cell phone rang “ring, ring, and ring”“Hello“! Guest who was calling? And my hubby walk away and they’re talking some kind of appointment “For whom?” and what for? I was just waiting for him to tell me about their conversation yesterday, last night, today, or tomorrow. Not sure if he’ll tell me anything about it. So far, I am not happy because I never felt secured for his being secretive and not being open and honest to me.

Sometimes, I thought I was losing my mind!

I need someone to share their brilliant thoughts and advice. Please leave your comments. Thanks!

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