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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nokia 6680: My Cellphone Forever!

I am typically “stick to one” person. I love the things that I already have. Actually I got my cell phone from Philippines, it was brand new and never been used. I got this last 2005 but the look is still brand new.

It was Php. 18,000.00 that time. It was expensive but affordable for me. Of course, what is single life? I got the control of everything. Actually having cell phone in Philippines is just very common or natural. Anyone can have it as long as you can buy a load, e-load or pasaload. But here in USA, there’s a big difference you need to apply in a certain wireless company in order for you to have a cell phone. For short it will take a long process. Upon choosing my wireless provider I pick the one that will accept my cell phone. And they just change my sim card and I awe them monthly. What makes me happy about this is, I am still using the things that I had even though there are lots of latest cell phones but I just love my Nokia6680.

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