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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Auto Body Shop

Looking for auto experts that will repair your car? Then try to look this online auto body shop which you can rely on. So when it comes to repairing your car, “take it to the experts”.

Collision Repair Network Member Requirements:

- Written lifetime warranty
- Customer satisfaction follow-up system
- Minimum 95% customer satisfaction
- Approved Business Management System
- Dun & Bradstreet verified
- Participate in CollisionRepairExperts.com Annual Audit
- Minimum facility requirement--CIC Shop Class A
- and 10 years business experience

Look up and act now because it is not too late, it’s better to be safe while driving your car!


prinsesamusang said...

oh wow nice but i don't have a car! lol! how have you been? it's been a while!

Maricel said...

Hi dear! Thanks for being part of the Momhood Moments Blog Party! Here is the list of the attendees, please don't forget to place the code on your side bar. :) thanks!

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