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Friday, October 10, 2008

Multi- Vitamins

Since I got my free time, I got something to share to everybody not just for mommies but for all of us, especially if you are still in your 20’s of age. Just to share you some tips and knowledge that I have.

Last week, I went to my doctor and had my regular check up. And she discussed about the importance of calcium and iron as well as vitamin E. And therefore she prescribed me to take multi-vitamins everyday. Do you want to know why we need vitamins? It’s because as we age, our bones saved every bit of the calcium we have taken into our bone bank. It will keep saving until our age will jump out to 29. And if you don’t have enough calcium in your storage, you will shrink. It’s because the calcium that you have stored is not enough to sustain as your body needs it.

So you might think of grabbing multi-vitamins over-the-counter soon. It is not too late and don’t let your 4’2” height shrinks to 3’9”.

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