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Monday, September 8, 2008

TestExplorer v5.0

Back in my college days, as part of our computer programming project we were tasked to build relevant software that fits in with the automation. And my group had decided to create an automated school entrance exam which will benefit on both sides. The automation itself makes it fast but as a human mind it is really hard to run and test a program manually. Basically, there was a solution for that manual testing and for our software testing tools. Generally, the TestExplorer empowers you to test software better, communicate results better, and keep management better informed on your testing progress. By using TestExplorer to leverage the power of your manual testers, your teams can deliver better software, faster, and with a level of documentation and process control that will stand up to any scrutiny.

The primary purpose of TestExplorer is to help manual software testers communicate the value of manual software testing and exploratory testing to other stakeholders in the organization.

By having TestExplorer tools, programming life will be easier.