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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

“September” the Best month of the Year

Out of twelve months in a year, September is the best month besides December. The weather starts cooling down from summer. September is the most awaited month of my life and for my baby. It is very memorable month, for it is my birth month, my sister and my baby birthday. My baby birthday will be four days after mine. I decided not to celebrate mine because I’m old enough and I will make me older to celebrate my oldness. So instead of having my birthday, I will just give the whole party and celebration for my little angel. I am very excited for he is turning to “ONE” year- old this month. So I hereby proclaim that every one’s invited and “BYOF” as in (bring your own food).

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Tingting Rimart said...

and september is the sign that christmas is coming too!!!!yahoo!!!if we are in pinas, it means bonus and 13th month pay..i miss the good old days...