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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to Pass the Driving Test?

I was so nervous when I went to my driving test this morning. Regardless of my tense, I was trying to build up my confidence. With a big inhale and exhale method to eliminate the tense while waiting for the examiner to call my name. Not too long, someone called my name and here he is my examiner for my driving test. Actually, this is my fourth driving test. I had two immediate failures for I wasn’t familiar with the street signs and lanes. So then I promise to myself to have more practice and familiarized all the streets and lanes around towns. Observing and obeying the traffic rules. Getting use to “one way” lanes, paying attention to all intersections, never stop to a sidewalk and always yield for pedestrian.

Anyway, let’s go back to the part my driving test. We went outside to the car and getting everything ready for my driving test. The examiner did the car check up for safety purposes. And finally I took him for a ride. Driving around town with the speed of 35mph and 25mph for residency way. My focus was my driving, and following his commands and instructions, no matter what; I will just drive and show him the best driving experience that I have. I can tell I got little errors to correct but it’s just little. After 15-20 minutes driving we headed back to the starting point. And to finalize the driving test result, the examiner explains my errors and showed me my driving test score which is 85.

I was so happy! And the tears of happiness were overflowing through my eyes. Finally, I have my driver’s license and I have a freedom to drive around myself.


Anonymous said...

o wow congrats! anyway, i am having troubles with the designing. when i test post the body og the post occupies everything and overlaps with the sidebar. giving me a headache. ugh.

Kim said...

Congratulations on passing your drivers test. Take care.

Innocent Saqib said...

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