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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My High School Life

Thanks for tagging me this
manang! I am so thankful that my memory is still working after eight years from my high school life. Now, the Tagalog song entitled "My Hayskul Life" is playing on my head. Hayskul layf talagang kay ganda which is really hard to forget. I really missed my high school days. I'd rather forget my college days kasi dami na krimen. Start na bugoy2x ever...

Q: What section were you?

Answer: always at section A until 4th year
Q: Who were your seatmates?
Answer: Mary Anne and Jerum!
Q: Still remember your English teacher?
Answer: Of course, Mrs. Eulugene P. Vazques,I never forget her. In fact she was a very good teacher.
Q: What was your first class?
Answer: Physical Education
Q: Made friends to the lower years?
Answer: Definitely yes! I got lots of friends in the lowers years before because I used to be there student teacher and they can approached at me easily.
Q: How was your class schedule?
Answer: Very interesting!
Q: Made any enemies?
Answer: Evidently yes, since I was in the second rank from the battalion commander I got a lot of stubborn cadets to handled. And OMG they were terrible.

Q: Who was your favorite teacher?
Answer: Most of them are my favorite teachers except my Math teacher, he took personal fight to school and tried to reflect it on my grades.
Q: What sport did you play?
Answer: Well, I was very athletic so I played most of the game such basketball, softball, badminton, tennis, dammath, etc.
Q: Were you a party animal?
Answer: Never at all.

Q: Were you well-known in your school?
Answer: Pretty much! I was one of the best student during my days. I've heard that until now my high school teachers are still remembering me and made me as a good example in the class.
Answer: Never.
Q: Did you get suspended/expelled?
Answer: Never.
Q: What was your favorite subject?
Answer: I love most of my subjects but I was very excellent in Chemistry.
Q: Did you go to the dances?
Answer: Yes! but occasionally.
Q: Where did you go most often during breaks?
Answer: At the school canteen.
Q: What did you do on the last day of school?
Answer: Clearing off my clearance.

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