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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Working with Pizza Today!

Most of the times I hated to work at pizza department in the simple fact that I will be working with the monster co-worker again. I always drag myself going to work but actually tonight I was happy because I took off early and seems to be really nice day for me because lots of people appreciates me. And it feels like I am great! It’s so nice to be appreciated.

So now, what flavor of pizza do you want me to bake today? Just name it then I’ll make it for you! Do you need help about making pizza? Then take it from the expert!

Goodbye Thursday! Finally, today is my Friday because I am not working tomorrow, and tomorrow is my day off. Yippee!!!

1 comment:

jana said...

those pizzas looks savory, i want to grab some of that... how are you nang