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Friday, September 9, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Medford Oregon

Get your hammers ready for the “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”. The ABC hits TV show is here in Medford, Oregon to change the lives of Lindsay and C.J. McPhail family, who are enjoying their vacation in Hawaii while their house is getting a makeover. The said house is expected to be done within seven days.

I grabbed this very inspiring piece of article from www.joinextreme.com:

C.J. and Lindsay never imagined though they would one day need the help from the very same organization they devoted so much of their time to. Soon after moving to Portland and running a chapter there, their oldest son Sawyer was diagnosed with a form of Autism and their second oldest son Thatcher began to start showing signs of Autism as well. With their children regressing, the family moved back to Medford to live on a 50-acre family property next to Lindsay’s parents. The boys showed great progress, but Sawyer still faced several challenges due to his lack of social cues. Much to the family’s surprise, Sawyer became a Sparrow and through his endearing personality, he helped put a face on autism and brought awareness to over 900 students in his adopted school. While the property and the outdoors are great for the children’s progress, the house is not built for their needs.
The electrical system is from 1958 and recently an outlet actually sparked and shot small flames! Rewiring would be difficult since the home is made of cinderblocks. The windows are all original and are a safety hazard because they are huge and are not tempered glass, meaning if they break the glass won’t shatter. The plumbing is poor and leaks creating mold in the bathrooms. Lastly, there is not heat in the back of the house. Only the kitchen, living room, and front bedroom have ventilation so the family is forced to rely on space heaters in the winter, which is extremely costly and not eco-friendly. Moving away from this house is financially impossible and not desired since the property is crucial to the boy’s progress.

Read the full story of Extreme Makeover in SouthernOregon


Anonymous said...

if only this story was as feel good as you say. 50 acres, autism, Astane admin, family property. This family does not even come close to those in need. This is nothing to do with need, but more of a popularity vote from those who want to pat themselves on the back, i.e. Jackson County DD, ESD, ASTANE, Jackson County School District etc. I have a speical feeling for all individuals who are developmentally diabled. However there are several hundred children and adults who live in Jackson County who are autistic and in more need then this family. Many rent house or apts, few own homes, few(if any) have homes that are given by family to live in and/or own, few have acreage. With the low prices of homes with acreage why has this family not purchase a home. It is apparent the father makes good money. If they want to live on the property, why not build or remodel. Believe it or not, you can remodel a cinder block home, both windows and electrical. I do not begrudge the family, in as much I would not begrudge a family who won the lottery, but do not act as though they are a family in need. It is apparent they choose to live in this house and on this property. I also assume they have not thought about turning the offer of a new home down, so that a real family need be available for a new house. God Bless America and for the several hundred who are excited, gawking, wannbe on TV; God Bless the american way. Also RVTD, please help those in need, quite self promoting; put you time and money on the weekends and the evenings.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree!

Anonymous said...

Is such a large house extremly madeover house necessary. Sure they have done great things but why not build them something modest with the amenities they need and not go so over the top with it. All that money that is being put into this home for one family could go to help many more families in need. They should be ashamed of accepting such luxury when so many children and families are in need. What about the taxes and the upkeep for the home. That seems like a lot of work with autistic children. The community should not have to be burdened with raising the funds for taxes. I would like help getting my family into nicer place. I have only heat in one room of my house. Sure my kids will be cold this winter and there is mold in the bathroom as well. Why cant there be help for us to get into a place that comfortalble.

Anonymous said...

this house is not as large as some of you think. the flow is perfect for three children. there rooms are not large there a normal size. we need to be greatful for the things we are blessed with. not critize those who have been choosen shame on you.

Anonymous said...

C.J Mcphail is the Director of Development for Asante, and from what I have been told makes upwards of 100,000 a year.

gman said...

I love this show and Autism is a fantastic theme for this episode. Sawyer is the more vocal of the two boys and he’s a great kid but Thatcher needs more special accommodations because he is higher on the scale of severity. They really did a great job of investigating their needs and they spend a lot of time focusing on their problems. Honestly I wouldn’t even have time to watch TV if I didn’t get a free DISH Network Sling adapter that gives me live or recorded TV from my employee DVR anywhere I go. Now with my iPhone and Galaxy Tab I watch when I have spare time and still spend quality time with my family when I get home.

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